Miles said:

Interference discount

Hard to pick up a paper since Christmas without reading about one or more of:

  • Henry Review; Australia’s current “root and branch” review of its tax system. The breadth seems to range from a national based resource rent tax to a review of the excise tax regime for alcoholic beverage producers;
  • Cooper Review of superannuation;
  • Productivity Commissions review of gambling; and
  • Mr. Ahmed Fahour’s appointment as the new Australia Post Md and CEO

Sense shift towards increasing government influence and regulation – Worries me that market will discount for the specific events above, in the individual industries, but then apply a grater discount to the whole because of uncertainty of what coming next. Concern is just seeing a wealth transfer from the private sector to the public and related entities without the support of effective grass root initiatives to drive competition and genuine longer term innovation.  Will maintain the list going forward and expand with fuller background.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

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