We are building the business in a manner that does not rely on any key individual. We believe a diversity of ideas and backgrounds positively influences the end result for clients and provides a longer term sustainable foundation for the business. Our objective is to create a transparent, structured environment that is highly desirable for experienced, autonomous investment managers to work within. The consistent traits amongst us are a genuine interest in markets, businesses and investing, considerable direct experience and humility.

Investment Team:

Miles Webster – Executive Director, Investment Officer

Miles has worked in various portfolio management roles since 1993. He resides in Sydney, is married and has a young family. Miles grew up in Adelaide, he attended university and worked in America from 1989 – 1996 at which time he returned to Australia to live.

Miles was previously responsible for managing the Australian equity strategies offered by PM Capital Ltd from Jan 1999 (inception) until June 2009. From 1996 until Dec 1998 he worked as a Portfolio Manager at Day Cutten in Adelaide. He started his career at Union Safe Deposit Bank in Stockton, California.

Nigel Trewartha – Executive Director, Investment Officer

Nigel has worked in either portfolio management or investment banking roles since 1996. The exception to this was from December 2006 to October 2007 during which time he was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Envestra Limited. ( ASX Listed – ENV). Nigel has a young family and resides in Adelaide.

Nigel’s experience includes responsibility for managing the Aurora Global Infrastructure Income Trust ( ASX Listed – AIB ) from Oct 2007 to Nov 2010. Prior to being the CFO at Envestra, he was employed by Macquarie Bank from 2000 – 2006. At the time of Nigel’s departure from this group his title was Chief Investment Officer of Macquarie Fund Adviser LLC with responsibilities for various listed global infrastructure funds.

Miles and Nigel have known each other since 2001, they met through associates at Day Cutten. They have actively debated investment ideas and market opportunities since this time.

Business Administration:

Toby Deloughery – Chief Executive Officer

Toby has over 25 years’ of experience working in financial markets. Before joining Long Tail Asset Management, Toby worked at fund manager PM Capital Ltd for 12 years until February 2015 as Head of Operations. Prior to this, he worked as an Investment Accountant at Commonwealth Investment Management, with Deutsche Bank in the Global Market Operations in Sydney and on the Deutsche Fixed Income Trading Desk and Deutsche Private Bank in London.

Toby has worked with both Miles and Nigel in previous roles.

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