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Nigel said:

Essence of our mandate offering

“There are times when the burden of taking other people’s money forces you to be active when you don’t really have conviction. Its gives a sense of pressure and expectation. When it’s your own money you don’t have to do anything.” (Tony James, President of Blackstone, commenting on Stanley Druckenmiller’s decision to wind up his hedge fund. As reported in The Financial Times).

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Miles said:

Outliers … #2

If you live in NSW undoubtedly you will have noticed the impressive roller doors and shutters that have been erected through retail outlets statewide covering the display of cigarettes. These structures are evident in service stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and paper stands. I wasn’t conscious of what a privileged place cigarettes held in a retail shop layout, I presumed there were kept behind the counter to stop theft and reduce the risk of sales to minors, but now they are obscured I am finding myself increasingly aware of what a terrific position they held – well organised, central to view, located in a consistent position… oh yes and someone there to serve them to you.   

The initiative to cover cigarettes is disarmingly simple but I suspect it may prove highly effective.  I am not sure if there is a direct investment angle from this change – all that has come to mind so far is you would love the display space (and server) if you could somehow replace where cigarettes are currently located with your product and someone has also made good money from making and fitting the doors and shutters.

The post was prompted by this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. More detail on the restrictions and time frame placed on retailers can be found here link and a picture of what we are referring to is here. NSW Counter 

We thought this initiative was something that is interesting and unique occurring locally … essentially all that prompted the post.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yes or no?