Long Tail Asset Management was formed in 2010 to manage a concentrated investment portfolio. Our focus is to identify unique investment ideas, perform rigorous fundamental analysis around these ideas and ultimately invest capital based on this research.

We view the business as a partnership between the investment managers, our clients and our service providers. We aim to build a workplace where individuals are empowered to creatively endeavor within a culture of transparency, integrity and accountability. Our success in this aim will be evident to our external stakeholders and will form the basis of our most valuable and enduring asset.

The name Long Tail was taken from a Wired magazine article authored by Chris Anderson and expanded upon in his book “The Long Tail” (Hyperion, 2006). The book explores demand curves for goods and services in an environment where there are low barriers to entry. The Long Tail describes the consistent and high level of activity of consumers seeking out niche offerings that suit their individual needs.

Our investment process is based on the view that markets generally price assets correctly but that occasionally there are unique opportunities to invest capital. Our focus is to identify and invest solely in these unique opportunities rather than in markets more broadly. Each opportunity is detailed as an “investment tenet” to ensure we are clear regarding the specific opportunity we perceive to exist. The Long Tail Partners No.1 Fund may have exposure to multiple investment tenets and individual institutional mandates are generally invested in an individual tenet.

We believe that if we demonstrate and consistently execute a disciplined investment process based on rigorous fundamental research, investors will seek us out to manage capital on their behalf. Through this site, we aim to provide a high level of transparency concerning portfolio positions, results, attribution and our thoughts regarding markets more broadly. This information is intended to assist you to understand our offering and keep up-to-date with our progress.

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