Nigel said:

We’re born like that

A couple of weeks ago I saw a notice in the newspaper titled “We’re born like that”. It was from The University of Adelaide promoting a lecture by a staff member. Last night I attended the lecture. It described some research that shows males and females approach risk taking differently even in utero.

The research shows that the human fetus is able to deliberately slow and modify its development in response to a stressful or sub-optimal environment. This increases its chance of survival. However, only female fetuses use this ability. Males instead attempt to continue to grow at their normal rate, which places them at greater risk in event of further complications. In essense, males are happy to “roll the dice”, while females are about trying to survive.

As an organisation that weighs risk and return everyday, we found this interesting. It also highlighted the high quality of research being undertaken in Australian academic institutions.

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

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